A whale of a good time...

Every so often I get an incredible opportunity to fish in the remote waters of the Queen Charlotte Islands in BC. It's about halfway between the north tip of Vancouver Island and the southern-most part of Alaska.  While the scenery is absolutely incredible, there's a whole bunch of the same: water, mountainous islands, trees.  Breathtaking, but not the best for pictures.

I took my camera anyway, hoping for action shots of my fellow anglers fighting their fish, or the ever-present eagles keeping watch over our actions.

Keeping watch.  They were everywhere!

One morning the quiet lapping of the waves was broken by a far off splash.  Across the passage from where we were fishing, we could see a humpback whale breaching and slapping the water with it's tail and fins.  The fishing was slow, so we reeled in and moved a bit closer. 


We kept a safe distance, and despite the constant rocking of the boat, managed to capture this massive beast in it's graceful activity. 



And a huge splash!

Now, not everyone kept their distance.  These guys were constantly pushing up right to where the whale was, and at one point he breached within 20 feet of their boat.  In this shot they did provide some interest and perspective.....


It just goes to show, you never know when a good opportunity is going to present itself!  Next adventure:  Glacier National Park!  Stay tuned to find out if the bear spray works!